Activity Sign Up!

After School Activities setup & signup

Benefits the Office, Staff & Parents


Easily manage after school activity signups

  • Based on Schoology, this app already

      knows which student belongs with which parents.

  • One click billing


A live link of which student is going where after school today/this week.


Easy signup for each student.

  • See only activities applicable to my student's grade

      and gender

  • See who's already enrolled.
  • Online billing, no checks
  • This activity's events shows on the student's unified calendar.

Not another tool for your parents to learn to sign their students up for after school activities, Activity Signup is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology or Powerschool.

After School Activity Director

  • Create the activity, grade level min/max, max # of enrollees, vendor, price and meeting dates.
  • Schoology groups are populated with these students, thereby facilitating calendaring, billing and communicating.
  • Automatically displays FULL when max is set.  The Director can click to display CANCELED if the minimum # of students isn't met.


  • As parents signup their students, class size, grade level min/max and gender rules are enforced to prevent signup for an activity

       their student isn't eligible.

  • This app interacts with the SchoolOfficeApp Who'sHere app to ensure the student signed up for an activity doesn't mistakenly check into after school care that day.
  • Bills Smart Tuition, so no checks to write.


  • After school activity vendors can use Schoology messaging, resources and calendaring to communicate with the parents of the members in their activity. 
  • They could utilize the SchoolOfficeApps Engage! volunteer and RSVP! apps to solicit volunteer support or deliver response-required-documents.


  • One-click billing generates a billing file.  At the same time, it creates an email template to alert parents this fee will be on their next invoice.

All SchoolOfficeApps productivity tools provides admins an audit trail and user impersonation.

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