Online delivery of school documents

Benefits the Office, Staff & Parents

Office & Staff

No paper to distribute!

  • 100% compliance, quickly
  • Email reminders until acknowledgement
  • Audience targeted to any combination of Schoology courses & groups


No paper to lose!

  • Don't wait on your student to turn the paper in
  • All documents/answers stored from prior years
  • Delivered via email, so easy/quick to answer

Not another tool for your parents & staff to deliver & review documents, AnswerMe is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology or Powerschool.

This online form and questionnaire app replaces sending home forms and wasting time trying to collect them. 100% parental compliance in a matter of days.  This app makes your office more efficient so you can deploy them to other projects.

  • Staff can build surveys targeted to courses, groups, genders; reminders are sent until full compliance.
  • Group surveys by user-defined categories (e.g. Grade 3, Field Trips, Sports)
  • Surveys can include Powerschool fields.
  • Branch questions based on previous answers.
  • Billing files can be created for surveys that involve fees (field trips, sports signup, etc.)
  • Easy calendar picking for survey reminders. Especially helpful if the office annotates "CLOSED" on the main Schoology calendar that day will be blacked out on the calendar, cluing the document's owner they may not want to send a reminder that day.
  • History is maintained for all past school years.

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