Our suite of school office applications greatly simplifies the tasks needed for a vibrant, high-technology school.  We make your staff more efficient so they can handle even more projects.  Built on Schoology, the SchoolOfficeApps applications provide a seamless and productive experience for your staff, parents and students.


Not another tool for your parents & staff to learn, our apps are accessible via the tool they’re already using – either PowerSchool or Schoology.


Please download any of our applications such as MailEm, AnswerMe, Accommodate, Insight, etc. that support your teachers distance learning efforts.  Contact us to help you install for Powerschool.  If you're a Schoology user, all of the applications are available in the Schoology App Center but please contact us if you need any assistance finding or installing them at info@schoolofficeapps.com. 

And now SchoolOfficeApps is a certified partner for both PowerSchool and Schoology!


Parent Teacher Conference

Set the dates/time/duration.  Staff blocks their unavailable times. Parents click to sign up.  Reminders sent.

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Post it, don't print it!

Post report cards, STAR results, etc., for staff & parent convenience. Reminder-emails until acknowledged.

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Monitor Student Behavior

Communicate student behaviors amongst a student's teachers. Communicate illness/injuries to teachers & parents.

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Manage After School Activities

Set up after school activities, dates, calendar, pricing.  When parents sign up, grade level/gender are enforced.

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Deliver Document Online

Build online documents and questionnaires instead of sending home forms. Surveys can be targeted to Schoology courses, groups, genders. Reminders are sent until full compliance. Click to bill for surveys that involve fees. 

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Engage through Volunteering!

Create volunteer events, including clearance checking and live reporting of family hours. Students can request a service to perform. After approval or denial, the service coordinator confirms completion.

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Secure School Campus Signin

Front office badging is expedited because today’s volunteers and vendors are already expected (via our Engage! and Activity Signup! apps).  

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Manage After School Care

Check in/out of after school care.  Students color-coded by grade to easily notice adult-student ratio. Confirms adult picking up the students is authorized. Automatic conflict checking our After School Activity Signup!

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Sync Powerschool with

Schoology Grades

Fix sync’ing between Schoology &


by teacher, grade level, or course. 

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Email, don't Message

Emailing/texting to parents/students/staff by courses/groups/gender. No email distribution lists to maintain. Build supergroups combining courses/groups/gender.   

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Manage Passwords

Secure online repository of curriculum site's student's usernames/passwords for teachers, parents and students to see.

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Update Demographic Info

RFamily provides a portal for parents & staff to

update their demographic


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Define/Communication Student Supports

Ensure student accommodations/modifications plans are easy for the teacher to implement 

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Student information -

all in one place

Demographics, medical, behaviors, grades/attendance, accommodations and more.

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