Online reports

Benefits the Office, Staff & Parents


Make report cards, progress reports and testing results available online, current and prior years.

  • Saves time, paper & ink
  • Email reminders if acknowledgement required
  • Can release all documents of a type, all at once or as needed.


Review student documents online, not in a file cabinet.

  • Time not wasted hunting down

       report card signatures.

  • See which parent acknowledged
  • STAR Lexile level automatically entered

       into your Powerschool gradebook!


No more lost documents

  • All documents stored in one

      place when you need it.

Not  another tool for your parents & staff to use, DocViewer is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology or Powerschool.


  • Post, don't print mid-term progress, report cards, testing results, more.....
  • Reminders go out for online acknowledgement, if required, until acknowledged by at least one parent; you set the verbiage, dates & time.
  • Uploaded documents go into a suspend folder for review and until ready to release all at once.
  • This app reads the STAR Reading .pdf and places the STAR result Lexile Level directly into the teachers’ Powerschool gradebook for the

       report card (if applicable), saving the teacher time and ensures accuracy.   Ignores any Lexile Level prefixed by BR.


  • Homeroom teachers don't waste time hunting down parent signatures and filing copies.
  • Teachers can preview their students documents, current and prior years.
  • Teachers can easily see which reports have/haven't been acknowledged. 


  • Your student's report card never made it home?  Look here!  Self service.
  • Need a report card for your student's sports team?  Look here!
  • Current year and prior year reports available.
  • The DocViewer audit trail shows parents enjoy the self service of being able to review many types of student documents, current and years back.

All SchoolOfficeApps productivity tools provides admins an audit trail and user impersonation.

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