through Volunteering

Benefits the Office, Staff, Parents & Students


Create Events, Tasks, slots

  • Authorized adult Clearance enforced
  • Admins can edit same time
  • Confirmed participation to accurately monitor service hours.


  • Staff Only events
  • Set up homeroom volunteer events 
  • Check students service

       hour total


Family's hours tied together on dashboard

  • Event Reminder
  • Parent can sign up anyone

      in their family/profile

  • Engage! Events listed/filtered by my student's homerooms.


  • Monitor my service hours Dashboard
  • Submit special  service hour requests

Not another tool for your parents & staff to use, Engage! is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology or Powerschool.

Yet it is available stand-alone, so can be used by volunteers who do not use Schoology.

This app makes your volunteer & student service staff more efficient so you can deploy them to other projects.


  • Know who's signing up, and if they're cleared (if required), is especially important in a school or church environment.   

      Clearance defined by the office. For parents, that clearance comes from a Powerschool field. For non-parents, clearance set by the admin.

  • The office sets up events, tasks and slots, and flags which require clearance for sign-up and which ones students can participate. 
  • Families are tied together on their dashboard because of Schoology's Parents/Advisors tab.   
  • The home page shows icons of the event, with the # of volunteers signed up/total needed.
  • A coordinator approves or denies, and optionally requests a reflection paragraph be submitted as part of the completion
  • An event can be tagged as staff-only.  
  • An event can be tagged as visible only for members of a Schoology group.
  • Deliverables include sample events/tasks/slots and icons.
  • iVolunteer events can be imported.
  • Badges can be printed on Avery 5163 ahead of the event, or via the SchoolOfficeApps Kiosk app.
  • Easy calendar clicking for recurring events. Especially helpful if the office annotates "CLOSED" on the main Schoology calendar; that day

       will be blacked out on the calendar, cluing the event coordinator the school is closed that day.

  • Reports include family and student service hours.
  • Supports a "smart" rollover - - moves all the events to the next year, adjusting the slot dates based on day of the week or other such pattern detected.
  • No database cleanup required as unlimited volunteers, unlimited events.


  • Parents enjoy the filtering of all events, as Schoology knows which homeroom their student is in (see below). 

      The office can filter by Schoology group, so e.g. only members of the Band group see Band events.

  • The volunteer event's coordinator can print their own badges ahead of the event, if preferred, sign-in sheets, dump a .csv, or

       confirm volunteer hours.


  • Students can request a service to perform.  The service coordinator approves or denies, and optionally requests a reflection paragraph be

       submitted as part of the completion process.  When the student is done, the event's coordinator confirms their hours.

  • This app interacts with the SchoolOfficeApp Kiosk as volunteer hours are confirmed by the Kiosk sign in/out/badging as Kiosk knows

       if the volunteer attended, and for how many hours.

All SchoolOfficeApps productivity tools provides admins an audit trail and user impersonation.

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