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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


into student behaviors 

Benefits the Office, Staff,  & Parents


  • Ensures standard metrics
  • Standardize terminology
  • Default Behaviors actions 
  • Robust Reporting


  • Defined behavour types

  • All teachers notification of incidents

  • Restitution and parent notification emails  


  • No lost paper

  • Email alerts

Not another tool for your parents & staff to use, Insight! is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology.


  • Ensures your staff (including extended care) are using the same metrics, terminology and actions to record students’ behavior.
  • Behaviors have agreed upon default actions (restitution, verbal warning, etc.)
  • Reporting can tell you the # of teachers using, most frequent types of behavior, times of day, etc.
  • Reporting can query behavior infractions by trimester, which might be helpful determining honor roll.


  • Define types of behaviors to track: Bullying, sleeping in class, disrespectful to peers or staff, cheating, eating in class, disruptive, inappropriate use of equipment, lying, stealing, uniform, etc.
  • If a teacher logs an incident, all teachers of that student get an email notification of that incident.
  • Restitution and parent notification email goes to the parents and student.
  • Counselor cc:’ed on all Observation events (anxiety, self-injurious behavior, etc.)


  • No lost paper, an email is sent to you cluing you of an unacceptable behavior and its consequence.
  • Email alerting you your student visited the health office today or an incident (behavior or illness/injury) that occurred at after school care.  

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