into student behaviors 

Benefits the Office, Staff,  & Parents


  • Ensures standard metrics
  • Standardize terminology
  • Default Behavior's actions 
  • Robust Reporting


  • Defined behavior types

  • Student's teachers notified of incidents

  • Restitution and parent notification emails  

Students, Parents

  • Behavior documentation online
  • No paper forms going home to be signed
  • Parents are emailed to document a student's health office visit.

Not another tool for your parents & staff to use, Insight! is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology or Powerschool.


  • Ensures your staff (including extended care) are using the same metrics, terminology and actions to record students’ behavior.
  • Behaviors have agreed upon default actions (restitution, verbal warning, etc.) and email verbiage.
  • Reporting can tell you the # of teachers using, most frequent types of behavior, times of day, etc.
  • Reporting can query behavior infractions by trimester, which might be helpful determining honor roll.


  • Define types of behaviors to track: Bullying, sleeping in class, disrespectful to peers or staff, cheating, chewing gum, disruptive, inappropriate use of equipment, lying, stealing, uniform, etc.
  • Because Insight! is embedded in Schoology, when a teacher logs an incident, all teachers of that student automatically received an email notification of that incident based on the student's Schoology enrollment records.  Including health office visits and extended care.
  • Restitution and parent notification email goes to the parents and student depending on the agreed upon actions.
  • Counselor cc:’ed on all Observation events (anxiety, self-injurious behavior, etc.)


  • No lost paper, an email is sent to you cluing you of an unacceptable behavior and its consequence.
  • Email alerts to the parents if their student visited the health office today.

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