Password vault for student internet sites

Benefits the Office, Staff, Parents, & Students

Not another tool for your parents & staff to master. Passwords is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology or Powerschool.

Multiply your # of students by the # of software sites you use in your curriculum by 2 (username, password) to consider the need for an app to easily manage it all.


  • Create each curriculum site's parameters including: name, grade-level, URL, description, whether a phone app exists, and teacher or coordinator's email address for support
  • Enter the username/password for the curriculum site's admin to create usernames/passwords.
  • The admin upload a spreadsheet of usernames/passwords, or individually sets a student's username/password.
  • The admin can query who's missing a username/password by site or grade or homeroom
  • Store each site's admin's credentials so an admin can set up an individual student as needed, especially handy in the summer when the teacher is unavailable.


  • If a student doesn't know their username/password, look here or tell them to do so
  • Filter by site
  • Grouped by student homeroom

Parent & Students

  • Look here to find a student’s credentials without tracking down the IT manager or teacher
  • Knowing which curriculum sites have a phone app reminders you this could entertain your student on road trips!

All SchoolOfficeApps productivity tools provides admins an audit trail and user impersonation.

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