Automation of secure badging in the school office lobby

Benefits the Office & Staff


Keep your campus as safe as possible

  • Vet those coming to campus easily and quickly
  • Expedite signin of today's volunteers
  • Expedite signin of today's after school activity vendors


You and your students know anyone with a badge has signed in at the front office.

  • Expedite signin of volunteers assisting you today
  • Substitute teachers sign in, badged,  paid


  • Reads the SchoolOfficeApps Engage! data to expedite badging volunteers expected today.   Once they sign out, kiosk automatically alters

       their hours (if needed) in Engage! or marks them as No-Show.

  • Reads the SchoolOfficeApps SignUp data to expedite badging after school activity vendors coming on campus today.
  • A parent's security clearance is set in Powerschool, before they were able to sign up for a clearance-required event in Engage! 

       So if the parent is signing in at the Kiosk, they're already vetted.  Ad-hoc  parent volunteers are vetted the same way.

  • Visitors are Megan’s Law checked prior to badge generation.
  • Build "expect" list to expedite sign in of substitute teachers.  They log in, get their badge, log out. 

       The office can easily query their hours for payment.

  • Define “Expect” list to expedite sign in of high school volunteers arriving for service hours.
  • Lookup link to see who’s here and those logged out.
  • Customizable visitor types, activities, destinations.
  • Supports import of KeepnTrack records.
  • Suggest a touchmonitor to make badging even quicker at the school's front office.
  • Suggest a wireless badge printer for tablet sign in/badging at big events.

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The Engage! app knows who's volunteering today so is seeded with the event and volunteer name, expediting their signin at the Kiosk. No need to be concerned about prior vetting as they wouldn't have been able to sign up in the Engage! app if not cleared.

Our After School Activity app know's which after school activity meets today, so is seeded with that activity, vendor name, and location of the activity, expediting their signin at the Kiosk.