How can you manage your after school care without this?

Benefits the Office & Teachers


Provide necessary information to staff, real time.

  • Define data to include on the dashboard
  • Easily communicate to staff who the students' teachers are.


An easy place to find demographic data real time

  • Check parents'
  • Student Locator link
  • Conflict checking with Activity Signup


  • Know that staff can real-time access student demographic information, no more stagnant google docs to maintain.
  • Define data to provide such as photo release, medical alert, parent clearance, DOB, homeroom, attendance, grades, accommodations, infractions, etc. all in 1 place.


  • Wondering if a parent has moved since the school directory published?  Or a new student has joined since then - - look here!
  • Wondering if a parent is cleared?  Look here!
  • Need a parent cellphone because the student hasn't been picked up?  Look here!
  • Has this student's photo rights been waived?  Look here!
  • Does this student have accommodations?  If you teach the student, you can look here, or your gradebook, or the SchoolOfficeApp Accommodate app.

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