Who's Here

How can you manage your after school care without this?

Benefits the Office, Staff & Parents


Know who's in after school care and who's authorized for pickup.

  • Click to bill Smart Tuition
  • Maintain pickup list, updated by the

       parent via our RFamily app


No more binders for check in/out of after school care.  No more manually tallying up fees.

  • Visible check of adult-student ratio
  • Student Locator link
  • Conflict checking with Activity Signup


You define who's authorized to pickup your student.

  • Use our RFamily app to confirm & update

       authorized parents

  • No checks, auto-billed via Smart Tuition.

Not another tool for your staff to learn, Who'sHere is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology or Powerschool.

This app makes your After School Care staff more efficient so you can deploy them to other projects.


  • Click to generate a Smart Tuition billing file; the fee for families with multiple Smart Tuition accounts are automatically split.
  • The office defines the exception list of who not to bill (staff families, scholarships, etc.).
  • This app needs to know each student's grade level, so make sure the sched_yearofgraduation field is defined in Powerschool.
  • Admin and staff can log into this app to see who’s currently signed into After School Care.

After School Care Director

  • Parent names/phone numbers and up to 9 authorized adults are fed live from Powerschool to this app.  This list of authorized pick-up people '

       is presented to staff at student sign out.  Records who and when a student was picked up.

  • The director can add pickup notes (Joe’s going home today with the Meehan family) that display for staff when the student is picked up.
  • The director can select the FreeCare activity to provide the same level of security at pickup, but marks the activity not to be billed.
  • Who'sHere talks to the SchoolOfficeApp Signup! app so knows which student is enrolled in which activity (Chess today!) which prevents

       accidental after school care sign in.

  • Staff can alter the check in or the check out time out on the fly, as needed.

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By the Way, our After School Activity Signup app knows which student is participating in an activity today, giving an alert so they don't accidentally sign into after school care.