How can you manage your after school care without this?

Benefits the Office & Teachers


Know which students have modifications 

  • A variety of filters to provide you the data you need.
  • Embedded in the teachers' gradebooks means more likely to remember to provide the support needed.


Not another tool to find/learn to find student accommodataions

  • Supports required easily found in their gradebook.
  • Supports ready at school start.
  • Filter to see prior year supports.

Not another tool for your staff to learn, Accommodate is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology or Powerschool.


  • Counselor or other coordinators define and deliver plans in the same tool they're using for other office functions, either Schoology or Powerschool.
  • The office has a clear count of how many students need support, either by grade schoolyear, course or accommodation type.
  • Click to email any combination of the student's teachers, parents or the student themself without having to know what their email addresses are.
  • Only the teacher of the student has access to the supports as defined by the LMS or SIS enrollment records.
  • Easy to copy the plan to the next year and edit as needed.
  • Use the SchoolOfficeApp AnswerMe to deliver the list of accommodations/modifications/support to the parent to confirm at school start.
  • Accommodations are also included on the student's SchoolOfficeApp Dashboard app.


  • Easily see which students need accommodations, modifications or special supports, either in the app or in their gradebook.
  • If not yet defined by the counselor/coordinator at school start, the teacher can see which were provided last year.
  • Filter by school year to either see what supports their students had in prior years as well as confirm next year's plan.
  • When planning next year's class lists, balance by students with accommodations.
  • Filter by accommodation when planning assessments (who needs extra time) or seating, etc.
  • Accommodations are also included on the student's SchoolOfficeApp Dashboard app.

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